100th Anniversary of the beginning of the Bauhaus

This is the 100th of anniversary of the beginning of the Bauhaus. It is likely you will see an increase in exhibits and news articles about former Bauhaus artists. For example, last week the New York Times Book Review section featured a new book called The Man Who Built the Bauhaus by Fiona MacCarthy, which is about the life of Walter Gropius. There have also been several exhibits and lectures on the Bauhaus in the Boston area, organized by the Goethe Institut Boston. The last of these exhibits to close this year is called The Bauhaus and Harvard, which I hope to see in my trip home this summer.

The art of the Bauhaus might not be everyone's taste. You don't have to like all of the modernist and minimalist sensibilities of the artists who emerged from their program. But it is a fascinating piece of history and of great cultural interest. Many well-known artists and influential art teachers in the United States were trained by either one of them, or one of their students once the Bauhaus was closed and many of their students and teachers fled to come to New York, Boston, and North Carolina.

Here is a link to the exhibit information in Boston:

This exhibit has already closed, but it is still well worth mentioning:

New York Times Book Review of The Man Who Built the Bauhaus by Fiona MacCarthy


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